The technology behind Shared Mobility - INVERS at the Mobility Arena 2019

16. Jul 2019

Shared Mobility - Invers
Peter Schneidermann

Peter Schneidermann, Sales Consultant Invers
Beyond Venture Capital: How to Sustain a Co-Mobility Business
Wednesday, 18.09.19 | Main Stage| 16.00-16.30

Mobility is changing as more and more people are relying on new mobility offers as an alternative to a private car. Whether car-, scooter-, bike- or, more recently, e-scooter sharing - the idea of shared mobility is gaining in popularity and has become an essential part of the urban landscape of many cities.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome INVERS to the Mobility Arena 2019 to discuss how the future of mobility might look like, and how technology can influence this evolution of mobility.

INVERS, whose founder Uwe Latsch is the inventor of automated vehicle sharing, provides the first and market-leading Shared Mobility Operating System which enables operators of new mobility services to launch, operate and scale their services - from car and scooter sharing to ride pooling and automated rental. With Shared Mobility OS, INVERS offers a modular full-stack solution that enables mobility providers around the world to launch their services quickly, reliably and scalably - from the white-label app for the users, the backend for operators to vehicle telematics. The 250 mobility offers enabled by INVERS technology worldwide include well-known brands such as Drivy, Cooltra, Coup, Miles and Flinkster. The company was founded in 1997 and has offices in Siegen, Cologne and Vancouver.

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