New Swiss Mobility Arena from 2019

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With the Swiss Mobility Arena, Mobility Academy of TCS is creating a unique international innovation hub to support the transformation of mobility in the 21st century. During European Mobility Week from 16 to 19 September 2019, free-thinking scientists, political visionaries and entrepreneurial pioneers from the transport sector will meet for the first time in Bern to discuss the present and future of mobility in the 21st century.

New mobility pioneers have long considered Switzerland to be the creative cradle and ideal testing ground for transport innovations promising great market and sustainability potential. To the players in the evolving mobility sector, Switzerland serves as the ideal nucleus of crystallisation for the development and testing of sustainable technologies and business models – both at the new interfaces between traditional public transport and motorised private transport as well as in the expanding niche market for electrically powered, collaboratively used and increasingly automated mobility. On the strength of this reputation, TCS Mobility Academy is setting up the Swiss Mobility Arena as a centre of force for early 21st century innovations in mobility.

In the words of Dr. Jörg Beckmann, CEO of Mobility Academy: "No other sector is facing quite the same radical change brought about by growing digitisation as the transport sector. With the new Mobility Arena, we wish to meticulously analyse, define a political position and profitably implement this transformation. The Swiss Mobility Arena is not just another transport conference where participants can speculate about the future of mobility unrestrained by facts, but aims to identify the critical cross-sector and multidisciplinary milestones for creating a climate-friendly and resource-efficient transport system." 

The focal topics of the Swiss Mobility Arena are derived from Mobility Academy's three established congresses: the Swiss Forum for Electric Mobility which has been held every year since 2011, the World Collaborative Mobility Congress (wocomoco) launched in 2013, and the Swiss Agora for Automated Mobility (AUTOMATICAR) held for the first time in 2018.  These successful specialist congresses will now find a new home under the roof of the Swiss Mobility Arena.

The Swiss Mobility Arena was largely made possible by the support of our first partners. Other companies, associations and foundations are invited to participate in the Swiss Mobility Arena by way of presentations, participation in discussions, side events, exhibitions, excursions, etc. Book your place now at one of the many forums to be offered by the Swiss Mobility Arena in 2019!



European Mobility Week
European Mobility Week

Dr. Jörg Beckmann, CEO Mobility Academy
tel. +41 (0)79 619 79 80

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